Supports to become still;

    to cross the next bridge towards change ~

    in yourself and in the world.













  • About Cheryl

    For more than twenty years, Cheryl Rose has been supporting

    people and communities, across Canada and internationally,

    to achieve their goals for personal, organizational and social change.



    To learn more, read Cheryl's bio.

    She lives just outside Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Maybe Podcasts

    A podcast series about the messy reality of working for social innovation.

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  • Writing

    Thoughts on Changing Ourselves to Change the World

    Nested for Social Innovation ~ all action for change has a place “What does social innovation...
    The Path You Can't Ignore On the very first day of this very new year, I finally convinced myself...
    “Hey, do you see me? I’m trying to get into that lane! Why is no one letting me in?!? Come on,...
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  • Coaching

    A listening ear ~ a thinking partner ~ an encouraging companion on your journey

    Life and career coaching for change makers

    Individualized coaching sessions, in person, over the phone or on Skype, to support your thinking and planning.

    Please contact Cheryl for a free introductory session.

    Strategy coaching for social change initiatives

    Effective supports to analyze problem domains, map systems, identify opportunity windows, address real barriers and make strategic choices for impact.

    What people say about working with Cheryl

    I am truly thankful for Cheryl's support, insight and guidance. Cheryl has been a source of vast practical resources, mentorship, and coaching at different points in my social innovation journey depending on what I have needed in the past year. Beyond the practical, I have found a friend and a judgment-free listening ear every time that I have sought her counsel, and this has been comforting in the times that I have most needed it.

    Morenike Olaosebikan (Ribbon Rouge Foundation)


    Cheryl has helped nurture love and courage through my journey by leading with vulnerability and holding brave space for myself and others. Cheryl uses her network and wisdom to hold space for my social innovation journey by helping me be courageous - thank you for sharing your gift of support!

    Andre Vashist (Pillar Non Profit Network)


    Cheryl is an incredibly gentle, supportive and empowering mentor for me. Whatever challenge I'm facing, Cheryl will help me sit in the uncertainty of it, breathe through its difficulty, and find the clarity I need to move forward. I am so grateful to have Cheryl's coaching and mentorship in my life.

    Annelies Tjebbes (Independant Consultant)



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