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Keeping Passion Alive

The amazing and wonderful Al Etmanski asked me “What would you wish to be more visible in the world?” and that question was harder to answer than I’d expected - there seems to be so much that begs to be revealed out there. So I asked myself to take the question out of my head, pull it in closer to my heart and listen.  And suddenly, I realized the thread that runs through so many of my own hopes for this world; may passion become visible.

Passion seems to be a bit of an embarrassment to some these days and gets hidden away as not mature, not practical, not logical.  I say it’s the core of any chance for change. I recognize it in others and I instinctively know it’s central to the beginning and the sustenance for all that we’re hoping is possible for our communities.  I’m thinking of the young people I meet every day that hold a deep passion for a better world  – may their passion be encouraged.  I’m thinking of the hundreds of academics on university campuses who are passionate about thinking and working with others to help solve real problems – may their passion be celebrated. 

I’m also thinking of the politicians who are passionate about helping change the status quo – may their passion be emboldened. I’m thinking of the corporate executives who see much more than the bottom line and hold a passion for new ways of thinking about ‘profit’ – may their passion be recognized. I’m thinking of all those who work creatively and passionately in our stretched social sector – may their passion be purposeful.

And I’m thinking of my own passion for meaningful social change.  Just as it is for everyone from time to time, my passion succumbs to frustration, hopelessness, fear, and just plain weariness  – may my passion, and yours, be kindled and burn clear and bright.

We live in a time when transformative change seems possible. Our passions, yours and mine, are beacons that light the way on these new paths we’re exploring. Keep passion alive; uncover it and let it shine!


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